Brasserie Quai 5

A sandwich, a salad fresh from the daily market or even a hamburger at noon, everything is possible for your quick lunch bite in our tavern. And why not have an after work drink with some good music with colleagues/friends ?

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Our Brasserie Menu

Cold starters, warm starters and soups

Cold starters

Rillette of smoked trout with truffel 14,50€

Fish cocktail, bisqued mayonnaise, hint of wasabi, fruit and vegetable salad 17,50€

Beef tartare with foie and truffel 15,50€

Tuna tataki, wasabi jelly, carrot and bean sprouts salad 16,00€

Duck foie gras, homemade chutney of exotic fruits 18,50€

Warm starters

Salade périgourdine (foie gras, gizzard and smoked duck filet) 15,50€

Sweetbread (chef's speciality) 18,50€

Half a dozen burgundy snail with garlic 16,50€

Scallops cassolette with safran cream 17,50€

Duo of grilled prawns, citrus marinade 18,50€


Soup of the day 8,00€

Tomato soup 8,00€



Irish beef tenderloin 27,00€

Angus rib steak 24,00€

Fish and main dishes


Sole meunière from the North Sea 35,00€

Bass filet, provencal risotto, artichoke tapenade 23,00€

Roast cod filet, crispy bacon dices, mashed potatoes and green pea coulis 25,00€

Main dishes

Poultry filet, veal gravy with truffel 20,00€

Lambcrown with a mustard crisp 22,00€

Prok shop (Columbus), tarragon cream 20,00€

Veal stew Quai 5 23,00€


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