Maison Van Gogh

Cuesmes, a small municipality in the Mons area, is a must for all lovers and specialists of Van Gogh's work. Located on the outskirts of Mons, the Maison Van Gogh was home to one of the world's best-known artists, Vincent van Gogh, from August 1879 to October 1880. It was during his stay in Borinage that the preacher became an artist. The area and its surrounding landscapes are imbued with an aura tinged with both rural and working-class references, which the painter was to retain in his work throughout his life. A place of memory that the new scenography aims to awaken. The tour begins in the form of a slow initiation, starting as soon as you enter the garden and continuing in a refurbished pavilion. The tour continues through this small house, modernized to allow the spirit of its illustrious inhabitant to express itself simply and soberly. An audio presentation concludes the tour, providing a historical context for the work and the artist in the Borinage region. A plus: "Vincent" tour of Cuesmes-Flénu on foot or by bike (either individually or accompanied by a guide for small groups), with the option of climbing to a local peak at 156 m: the terril du Levant.

The Van Gogh House in Cuesmes is also accessible with the Van Gogh Pass available from visitMons. Mons Card Partner : Free access.