The Mons Belfry


The Mons Belfry

With the opening of the Maison des patrimoines UNESCO, the Mons Belfry site is now defined as a site in its own right, with 4 places to visit: the Belfry, the chapel of Saint-Calixte, the castle park and the Maison des patrimoines UNESCO. 

The Maison des patrimoines UNESCO becomes the Mons Belfry site ticket office and store.  Reception and store at the Maison des patrimoines UNESCO: Rue des Clercs, 32 in Mons PMR and Group access: Rue des Gades
A museum in the sky! The contents of the exhibition spaces will take visitors on a journey back in time, to the sources of its construction, to understand its role in the different eras it has passed through, and also to take them on a journey to the heights of our region. The history of the Mons Belfry and its recognition by Unesco take center stage. At the heart of the exhibition, objects from Mons' collections, panels and interactive structures tell the unusual story of this exceptional building. With 400m² of museum space spread over several levels, visitors will discover the Belfry from different angles. An innovative device allows visitors to step back in time and (re)discover a magnificent panorama.

The Mons Belfry, unique in Belgium! The only baroque belfry in Belgium, it is the symbol of the city. Built between 1661 and 1672 by architect and sculptor Louis Ledoux and engineer-surveyor Vincent Anthony, it has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1999. The building features a sober Baroque style with classical decorations and characteristic bulbs. 365 steps, 87 meters high, 49 bells, a 14-meter square plan, almost identical facades, elements of the Ionic, Doric and Corinthian orders, four imposing clock faces, a set of natural slate roofs, a central bulb extending the roof, small dormer windows topped with gilded finials and an imposing gilded leaf weathervane - all these features make it more than unique. For your convenience, the last ascent to the Belfry is at 5.15pm each day. The tour lasts an average of 45 minutes.

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