The Uniform Conditions for the Hotel and Catering Industry

The Uniform Conditions for the Hotel and Catering Industry (UVH) are registered with the relevant authorities in Belgium. For further information, please refer to the official guidelines available on the respective governmental websites.

In the regulations below, you will find the house rules that apply within Van der Valk Hotel Mons Congres & Spa.

We kindly ask you to respect and accept these rules.

General Rules

  1. All instructions from the hotel staff related to house rules must be followed. Any complaints should be reported to the management.

  2. In case of fire, please remain calm. Report any fire to the reception and/or activate the nearest fire alarm.

  3. If a general fire alarm sounds, evacuate the building immediately.

  4. Do not use the elevators in case of a fire.

  5. A valid proof of identity must be presented at check-in. Check-in is possible from the age of 18. Every guest must identify themselves and register.

  6. Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied and supervised by a parent or guardian during their stay.

  7. Surveillance cameras are in operation at various locations within the hotel for security purposes. Recordings may be used as supporting evidence in case of emergencies or incidents.

  8. Lost property should be returned to the reception.

  9. Van der Valk Hotel Mons Congres & Spa is not liable for any loss or theft of guests' belongings.

  10. The hotel premises are solely for the purposes outlined in our policy. Any trading, dealing in goods, or offering of services is prohibited. No refunds will be provided for paid accommodations used for unauthorized purposes.

  11. The management, property owner, or hotel staff cannot be held liable for any injuries or damages, whether physical or otherwise, sustained by guests on the premises.

Prohibited Actions

  1. Using emergency exits for normal entry or exit.

  2. Removing hotel property from the premises. Guests will be held responsible for any intentional damage to Van der Valk Hotel Mons Congres & Spa property and may be charged repair or replacement costs.

  3. Possessing, using, trading, or trafficking narcotics. The police and legal authorities will be notified upon detection.

  4. Using laughing gas within the hotel premises.

  5. Causing disturbance to others through loud music, disruptive behavior, or noise of any kind.

  6. Occupying a room with more guests than the number of beds provided.

  7. Engaging in paid reception of guests in rooms for sexual activities.

  8. Tampering with or disabling smoke detectors. Offenders will be denied access to the hotel immediately and may be charged a penalty of €300.

  9. Smoking in the rooms. Cleaning costs of €300 will be charged if smoking is detected. In case of a fire alarm triggered by smoking in the room, a call-out fee of €300 for the fire brigade will be applied.

Decision and Enforcement

In all cases not covered by these regulations, decisions will be made by the management of Van der Valk Hotel Mons Congres & Spa. Failure to comply with these rules may result in the involvement of police and legal authorities, and immediate expulsion from the premises without refund of the reservation amount.